Personal Financial Planning

Magwitch have always been believers that in the majority of instances long term wealth creation does not happen as a result of one single short term decision.  We at Magwitch recognise that it takes dedicated planning and strategies to ensure that the individual’s financial goals are achieved both over the short term and the longer term.

In the technological age individuals are bombarded with information from many different sources.  Marketing is often focused on selling immediate product by appealing to our impulses and emotions.  There are many generic financial solutions being advertised that cater for a specific need but how does the individual prioritise their needs and determine which product is best suited to enable them to meet their needs?  It takes an expert in the financial services field to determine the best solution for the individual.

Our services include:

  • Personal Risk Management and Insurance Planning
  • Medical aid
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning

We meet with prospective clients to obtain a detailed picture of their financial position. At this meeting we establish what they require in terms of investment and risk cover for education, death, disability, retirement and estate planning.

We then make a recommendation based on what we believe the person needs, taking into account tax benefits, and thereby offering a cost effective solution.

We believe in long term relationships and ensure that we continually meet with the individual to monitor the progress of their wealth management to make sure that where life changes the solution caters for these changes.