download    Novemeber 2019 – NHI? Why not NSP?

download   October 2019 – Tax Rates And The Laffer Curve

download    September 2019 – Technology; Disruptive Progress

download    August 2019 – Are We Still In A Bull Market

download    July 2019 – The 52 Week Savings Challenge

download    June 2019 – The Concept of Retirement Age

download    May 2019 – Extravagant Expenditure

download    April 2019 – The Compounding of Investment Returns

download    March 2019 – a look at subsequent investment returns after a cycle of poor returns

download    February 2019 – explaining the debt spiral

download    January 2019 – evidence that bargains do exist when investing


download    December 2018 – the problems with immediate gratification

download    November 2018 – our views on Expropriation without Compensation (“EWC”)

download    October 2018 – a look at why stock market corrections create investments opportunities

download    September 2018 – how you are taxed if retrenched

download    August 2018 – a look at how time benefits your retirement savings

download    July 2018 – a look at property as an investment

download    June 2018 – comparing the rotation of asset class returns to the FIFA World Cup

download    May 2018 – assessing what targets you need to meet when saving for retirement

download    April 2018 – a look at how volatility is reduced over time when investing in equities

download    March 2018 – demonstrating why the increase in the offshore allowances is good

download    February 2018 – a look at the amendments included in the 2018 budget speech

download    January 2018 – a reminder of the annual tax allowances


download    December 2017 – a look at Bitcoin

download    November 2017 – a look at impulse buying

download    October 2017 – unpacking the 2017 “mini-budget” figures

download    September 2017 – a reminder about the benefits of compounding

download    August 2017 – why you need to stay the course when investing in equities

download    July 2017 – a look at how much retirement savings is enough

download    June 2017 – a study in financial literacy

download    May 2017 – a summary of the different financial personality types

download    April 2017 – a look at the volatility of stock markets

download    March 2017 – highlighting the retirement savings crisis

download    February 2017 – a look at the amendments included in the 2017 budget speech

download    January 2017 – a reminder of the annual tax allowances


download    December 2016 – some basic financial tips

download    November 2016 – a look at credit ratings

download    October 2016 – a look at the impact of politics on markets

download    September 2016 – a look at the evolution of stock broking

download    August 2016 – a look at the role of women in financial planning

download    July 2016 – a look at the financing of South Africa’s current deficit

download    June 2016 – a look at a possible property bubble, specifically in the United Kingdom

download    May 2016 – a look at the nature of the South African economy

download    April 2016 – a look at purchasing power parity and the Big Mac Index

download    March 2016 – a look at inflation

download    February 2016 – a look at the amendments included in the 2016 budget speech

download    January 2016 – a relook at retirement annuities and other taxable allowances



December 2015 – a look at the retirement reform proposed in the Tax Laws Amendment Act


November 2015 – a look at gap cover


October 2015 – an update on offshore investments


September 2015 – a further look at tax free savings account


August 2015 – a look at the different investment strategies


July 2015 – a look at balanced funds


June 2015 – a look at Wills

downloadMay 2015 – a look at active and passive investing

downloadApril 2015 – a look at compulsory and voluntary annuities on retirement

downloadMarch 2015 – a look at tax free savings accounts

downloadFebruary 2015 – a look at the amendments included in the 2015 budget speech

downloadJanuary 2015 – a look at group retirement annuities


downloadDecember 2014 – a look at ten tips on maximising long term wealth

downloadNovember 2014 – a look at dividends


October 2014 – a look at stock market volatility

downloadSeptember 2014 – a look at unit trust mandates and asset allocation

downloadAugust 2014 – a look at the basics of bonds

downloadJuly 2014 – a look at why interest rates are adjusted in response to inflation

June 2014 – a look at using offshore investments to diversify portfoliosdownload

downloadMay 2014 – a look at financing depreciating assets

downloadApril 2014 – a look at monthly debit orders and Rand cost averaging

downloadMarch 2014 – a look at endowment policies against unit trusts

downloadFebruary 2014 – a look at the amendments included in the budget speech

downloadJanuary 2014 – a look at retirement annuities